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“The future doesn’t start tomorrow, it starts now,” says Bruno Pieters in the interview that you can read in this new issue. “And now is the only moment we have to create change. I believe people are aware of that.” In this issue we speak of his new sustainable fashion project, Honest By. We speak about social compromise and ecology, about politics, ethics and consummation habits, about honesty and about revolution. And of course we speak about fashion. But we could not have done it without looking at our own surroundings, without questioning how to treat and understand a little better the world in which we live. Although it’s true that these are not easy times, complaining is not going to help much. So we prefer being optimistic and keeping our eyes open, making Matthew Stone’s words our own.

As you can see in this issue we have changed not only the logo but also design and periodicity. From now on, the magazine that you hold in your hands will be published twice a year, one for each season. The rest of the time you will be able to follow us across our online project: and This premeditated decision we have been preparing for some time, as result of the big changes have been made in ways of generating and receiving contents and in the way the new technologies have revolutionized the ways of communicating.

Revolution and change are two of the ideas that move the world, and today more than ever, are present in our society. It is natural that in this time of crisis we are more aware of what happens around us, the important thing now is that in a little less than 40 years we have gone from the punk nihilism of “No Future” to “Future is Now,” and from political indifference, to understanding that of no way can we remain unresponsive to politics because, as Miguel Adrover, one of the major sources of inspiration of this issue, says: “Politics is the only thing that really affects me. What my government does today affects how I live tomorrow.”

We live difficult times, but at the same time it’s exciting to see how the new future is constructed with new ways, new illusions, new challenges, new values and even new countries. “A kinder future is possible,” says Robert Montgomery. Let’s fight for it.


Interviews with Miguel Adrover, Robert Montgomery, Fernando Casasempere, François Demachy, Eléonore Hendricks, Bruno Pieters, AES+F, David Komurek and Max Lamb. Fashion stories by Miguel Villalobos, Emma Tempest, Elle Muliarchyk, Enrique Badulescu, Mel Bles, Márton Perlaki, Christian Anwander and Poncho Paradela. Also, report from Latin Africa and Voices from New York.


Image of METAL #28 Image of METAL #28 Image of METAL #28 Image of METAL #28