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In this new issue we speak a lot about childhood. Woodkid tells us how he likes the idea of symbolizing emotions through materials and how for childhood he has chosen wood as a representation of innocence, Thom Browne speaks to us about imagination and games in reference to his work, and Devendra Banhart remembers one of his favorite television programs when he was living in Venezuela as a child, Súper Sábado Sensacional, a program that certainly continues today.

Speaking about television and childhood reminds me of one TV program that continues to be one of my favorites of all time: La Bola de Cristal, directed by the journalist Lolo Rico in Spain in the mid '80s. A program for kids that put forward difference and friendship, so deliciously crazy yet necessarily sane. A program that treated children as adults and encouraged you to read, to make your own decisions and to think for yourself. Numerous are the famous phrases created during these four years of broadcasts, but I want to remember the most popular, which in some form travels through these 260 pages: "Alone you cannot, with friends you can."

In this summer edition we celebrate friendship and love, the simple pleasures that make us happy, and sharing them with others. We speak with Viktor & Rolf, Ana Kras & Devendra Banhart, Meadham Kirchhoff and Rubenimichi, among others, and have crossed different cities and countries to make an x-ray photograph of today’s family – the family becoming increasingly normalized in its diversity. It’s not a project that ends here, it’s the beginning of a work in progress and we will see where it takes us.

Of course, we are all aware of these complicated times in which we all live. And maybe precisely because of that, in this issue we appeal to the most intimate and emotional. We want to surround ourselves with color, lots of color, and beautiful things that make us feel good. Because of this we want to stop for a moment and pay attention to the small details – asking what’s really important and if grasping onto it will help us to bare the chaos.


Image of METAL #29 Image of METAL #29 Image of METAL #29 Image of METAL #29